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Hello kitty mamas and dadas!Marlinda

My name is Marlinda and I’ve been a cat mama for a while now. I was not originally a cat lover, as a matter of fact I hated them BUT that just goes to show you that sometimes you have to give things a second chance even if you don’t like them or they didn’t workout at first.

My finger was torn up by a cat when I was younger who was trying to escape a dog. In hinds sight I probably should have felt honored that she was running to me for safety especially since she didn’t know me at all and there were other adults and people around.

So anyways, my hubby loves cats and one day he decided that we were going to take in this cute little kitten. Boy was she cute and she quickly melted out hearts.

We didn’t have a whole lot of space back then which became a problem. She would jump all over the dresser and TV stand knocking down drinks, food bowls, papers and other things rested on top of these high structures.

It came to a head when she would jump all over the baby’s crib and literally run right over her. One thing we both hated was people who abandon their pets so that definitely was NOT an option so I began to research.

I soon learned that she needed her behavior was natural and we needed to get her cat climbing structures. Thankfully she’s not a big or overly hyper cat so a cat tree stand worked perfectly for her.

Lesson learned and now I want to share what I have learned with you about cat behavior and the kinds of structures you’ll need so that you can have a happy home that you, your family and your cat are all happy living in.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

~ Marlinda