10 Best Cat Condos for Large Cats of 2019

Besides the obvious size differences, large cats are more energetic and stronger than the average cat. Some are crossbred with wild cats which make them a lot more active and curious.

Regardless of their origin, though, they have a strong need to be as high as possible. In order to get them to the heights they crave without your fridge, stove hood or TV stand precariously in the mix (not to mention the valuables you rest there) you will need to provide them with high spaces where they feel safe and comfortable.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together this list of the best cat condos for large cats of 2019. Your cat will need specialized condos that are made for their heavier weight, stronger activity and their seemingly unquenchable thirst to be up high.

To be clear about the difference between cat condos and other cat furniture, cat condos have at least one condo on it whereas some other types of cat furniture do not have them.

How To Choose The Best Cat Condos For Large Cats

In order to choose the best cat condo for your cat, there are a couple of things you should know first. Failing to have this information can leave you with a cat tree that will break or fall which can lead to serious accidents.

The most important quality you need to look for in your large cat’s future cat condo is sturdiness and durability.

This means that the cat tree is built with solid wood and well-balanced. It will stand firm to your cat’s roughest play times and last through the constant claw battering.

Some of the woods to look for are:

  • Plywood
  • Natural woods like Pine, Oak, or Maple
  • Compressed board

You should stay away from woods such as:

  • Pressed wood
  • MDF
  • Particleboard
  • Fiberboard

If the listing doesn’t say what type of board the cat condo is made with you can pretty much assume it is constructed with pressed wood. Pressed wood is what most cat trees are made of.

It’s flimsy, cheap and some studies suggest that the binding agents they use in these boards can be toxic to your everyone in your household. Also, these cat trees wobble and topple from normal cat play so they are definitely not what you are looking for.

Once you have established that the cat condo is sturdy, the next thing you need to think about is the perching preference of your cat. By this, we mean where does your cat like to observe.

Up high? Mid-air? or on the ground?

Whichever their preferences may be, make sure the condo has perches at that level. Usually, large cats like to perch up high because it gives them a good vantage point and also a safe resting place where most things can’t get them.

On the same topic, the cat condo should have enough perches for your cat to jump down comfortably. There should also be a way that your cat can jump straight up if s/he wants to do that instead.

The last thing to consider is scratching areas. These should be high enough for your cat to fully extend its body, front legs included.

It should have vertical and horizontal areas to do so. The scratching medium changes for each.

For vertical scratching, make sure the cat condo has good quality, unoiled, natural sisal rope. It should also be thick so that your cat doesn’t cut right through it.

For horizontal scratching, the material is typically carpet. Cats love the feel of sinking their paws into it as you may have noticed them doing on yours.

Now that you know how to choose the best cat condo for your large cat, let’s have a look at our top 10 list 🙂

Cat Climbing Structure’s 10 Best Cat Condos For Large Cats

1. Armarkat Jungle Gym Cat Condo


If you’re looking for an affordable cat condo for large cats that is both tall and sturdy then this is the one for you. It is built with compressed wood which is not quite as sturdy as solid wood but it will do the trick for a temporary fix.

Another reason I can tell you this is because it has a huge weight limit of 60 lbs! That’s enough to get two large cats on this thing although it may not be as equipped for that in other areas.

Some other features you will love about this cat condo are:

  • It is very cat-friendly. Having two ramps means that any cat at any age can easily access even the highest point of the tree. That might not be as important for kittens but for seniors, it is a big deal because they will likely be unable to jump up anymore.
  • It is really tall. Large cats want to be up high and this tree gets them up 74 inches which is just over 6 ft. That is plenty of height for your cat to feel safe and secure from any threats while resting too.
  • The covering is tasteful and soft. Your cat will love the feel of it and you will love that it doesn’t clash with anything in your room because of its neutral color.

This cat condo is a really great option for your large cat. If you want to learn more about it, click the button below.

Learn more about the Armarkat Jungle Gym Cat Condo!

2. CozyCatFurniture XL Climbing Cat Condo


If your cat likes to sleep high off the ground, this cat condo is for you. It not only has one but two different condos at different levels, both being off the ground.

So your cat will be able to rest easy, knowing it is safely tucked away out of sight. It also has a couple of high tower perches where your cat can observe from.

Its design also makes your room work, no matter how big or small, by fitting into the corner of your room. That means that it will save space which is especially great for you if you live in a small home, apartment, condo, or other small living space.

It also means that the tree has a little extra from the walls with support. For even more security, you can easily fasten this unit to the wall with a couple of angle brackets and screws.

If you like this condo, click the button below for more info.

Learn more about the CozyCatFurniture XL Climbing Cat Tree!

3. CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tower Activity Center


There’s no doubt about it! Your cat will love you 10 times more when you bring a little slice of wilderness into your living room with this cat condo.

Not only is it styled to be wild but it is also designed to feed your cat’s wild instincts. So whether your cat wants to climb, sleep, stalk, lounge mid-air, observe, etc. it can do it from where ever it wants to on this tree.

Another thing your cat will enjoy about this tree is the many things that it can use to interact with its instincts. Look closely and you’ll notice that some of the vines are ropes, scratching surfaces, or other toys.

This will keep your cat busy and active. And a busy, active cat is a happy cat who’s paws and claws will stay away from and off of other places they shouldn’t be.

If you want to learn more about this tree and what others are saying about it too, you can click the button below.

Click here to learn more about the CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tower Activity Center!

4. New Cat Condos Premiere 7′ Tall Cat Playground


This picture does not do any justice to show you how grand this tree is. Standing at a massive height of 7 feet, your cat will no doubt enjoy the high vantage point it can obtain with this cat condo.

As equally stunning about this tree is the fine attention to detail including:

  • the skillful craftsmanship to make it look like an actual tree
  • the skillful craftsmanship to make it look like it is a tree reaching through the sky and the clouds
  • ascending to the pagoda (Asian temple) up in the clouds theme

Oh yes, did we mention that this cat tree is handmade? If you are like us and enjoy supporting our fellow Americans, then you will love to know that this tree is fully assembled and handmade here in the USA.

You will also enjoy that it comes to you fully assembled so you won’t have to spend any of your precious time and energy putting this massive cat condo together. Just remember to have a game plan on how you’ll fit it through your front door 🙂

There is so much more to say about this tree so if you want to learn more and hear what others are saying as well, click the button below.

Click here to learn more about the New Cat Condos Premiere 7′ Tall Cat Playground

5. Cat Tree King Cat Mansion


If you’re looking for a cat condo that is super soft, super cozy and super sturdy, then this one is for you. The pillows, beds, and carpeting on this unit are all super soft.

Not only are they soft but they are huge! That means your big kitty will have lots of room to get comfortable whether it wants to just chill and look around or sleep.

Its also built to last a lifetime. All covering is reinforced to make sure that it stays in place no matter what tears happen under your cat’s onslaught.

The sisal rope is natural, unoiled and super thick and the plush carpeting is very high quality.

This unit also comes with a variety of color alternatives like black sisal or carpeting, which we think looks better and you might like it also but what we are showing here is the standard version.

For whatever reason, this brand separates all their colors as separate listings and make no mention that there are color variations.

If you want to see more black variations and find out more about this cat condo, you can click the button below.

Click here to learn more about Cat Tree King Cat Mansion!

6. New Cat Condos Premier Cat Playstation


This cat condo is a mischievous cat’s dream tree! The reason we say this is because of the tunnel at the top. Just look at it!

Your cat will have a good time playing in the tunnel, sticking its arms through the peaking hole to see what it feels. It could be another cat or even you!

You will also have fun with this as a playful interaction between you and your cat. This will help you bond closer to your cat and it is a really great way to destress believe it or not.

There are also lots of high and low places for your cat to sit and observe its surroundings. Be sure to put it on an outer wall of your home instead of the center of the floor and it will be an excellent addition for your furry baby.

If you want to learn more about this cat condo and read how much others love it too, click they button below!

Click here to learn more about the New Cat Condos Premier Cat Playstation

7. Prestige Cat Trees’ Neutral Purrfect Cat Condo


When we see this cat tree, it says ‘strong, perfect yet simple’. If you’re looking for a cat tree that has all that your cat needs in a simple put together package, this is the cat condo for you and your large cat.

It has:

  • a full-length tower that your cat can shimmy straight up.
  • a three-quarter tower for your cat to take one huge leap onto
  • a cat condo that is off the ground for better security
  • and a perch in case your cat just wants to lay low

All of these features are vital for your cat’s well-being but you don’t have to have the most intricately designed cat condo to give it to him/her.

If you want to read what others are saying about this cat tree and read more details, click the button below!

Click here to learn more about the Prestige Cat Trees’ Neutral Purrfect Cat Condo

8. Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Condo


All we can say is condos, condos and more condos! Your cat won’t run out of pathways, hideaways and areas to perch with this tree.

There are so much here that when they get bored of using it one way there are a million other ways to replace it so its like a continuum of choices that you don’t have to worry about rotating out like with your kid’s toys if you have any.

Having so many condos on a sturdy tree is also good for having multiple large cats in the same home as well. They can play and perch together or separate without causing conflicts over space and territory which is a big deal for you cats regardless of how friendly they are with each other.

If you are looking for a cat condo with multiple condos for your large cats then this is definitely the one for you. But to be sure you can click the button below to see what others are saying about it and also read more info.

Click here to learn more about the Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Condo

9. CatTreeKing Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats


This cat condo is any large cat’s and large cat parent’s dream come true. It is HUGE!

Standing at 6 ft tall it gets your cat to the high level it craves. And not only that, your cat has three choices of how it wants to spend its time up high too.

So it can mix and match depending on its mood or choose one and stick to it. Whatever the case may be, you will enjoy it being on this condo instead of tearing up or breaking something valuable.

Your cat also has so many varying level platforms to jump over. This will definitely give it the daily exercise that it needs to live a healthy lifestyle.

And with a weight limit of 143 lbs. this cat condo is big enough for multiple large cats to enjoy the same benefits.

This is and awesome cat condo and we think you your cat will love it. But you can also read about how much others love it too just to see for yourself.

Click on the button below to read what others are saying about this cat condo and find out more info.

Click here to learn more about the CatTreeKing Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats!

10. Cat Tree King Tiger Cat Tree for Extra Large Cats


Have you gone through this entire list wishing for a different color than the same old neutral colors? If you are looking for something different this might be an option for you to try!

Since a lot of cat condos for large cats are handmade and don’t sell nearly as fast as the cheap cat trees, they tend to be neutrally colored. This last cat condo is a chance at something different.

It is a fully black tree. At first, we were on the fence about the idea but have since come to love it.

The velvety color will still blend in with your roomscape while adding a special flare to it at the same time. It is also pretty unique to have a black cat tree.

There’s just not many out there. And to get this, you’re not sacrificing on quality.

To be sure of it, click the button below to see how much other people are in love with this tree and if it might be a good fit for you cat.

Click here to learn more about the Cat Tree King Tiger Cat Tree for Extra Large Cats!

I hope that you can see that there are many options for you and your large cat when it comes to cat condos. Always remember quality matters most.

If you haven’t found a cat condo that you like, you could take a look at our top 10 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats. They are also great quality cat trees built with your cat in mind.

You can read it by clicking the button below.

Click here to learn more about the best cat trees for large cats!

And that’s all we have for you today. If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please leave them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to get back as soon as possible.

See you soon!

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    Looking at your top 10 is way better than going through all the search results I got. Bonus!

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    Thank you for coming up with a list of Best cat condos. This article will help and guide people to narrow down their search for finding a nice cat condo. 

    With this beautiful cat condos, Cats will truly enjoy and love these cat condos. The upper structure of this cat condo is really a place where the cat loves to spend their time that’s their nature and that’s how cats are.  

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    Hi, what I am looking for is an outdoor activity gym for 4 Maine coons and a Ragdoll, do you have anything suitable, if so please email me. I am in UK

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      My recommendation for the best outdoor cat enclosure in the UK for your 5 cats is the 4wire Catio/House Cat Leanto 8ft x 8ft x 8ft. This will give your cats plenty of outdoor space and it also comes with shelves for them to jump, perch, play, etc.

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  • March 25, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    About 2 or 3 years ago, my sister found an abandoned litter of kittens and she had to raise them since they were babies. Needless to say, she got attached… Big time. 

    Problem is, nowadays all those cats are doing, well, cat things. Haha, they’re pretty relaxed but they do like to climb. 

    I’m definitely going to forward this post over to her because they are desperately in need of a cat condo. Thanks for the breakdown of how to choose them and what’s offered out there!

    • May 11, 2019 at 11:53 pm

      Hey Corey!

      Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m so glad for people like your sister who take in animals who need help to survive.

      I can totally relate to getting attached as a similar situation happened to me. The only difference is that the kitten just wouldn’t go anywhere. She just sat on my front step even though I never fed her.

      Well, of course, I wasn’t going to let her starve so I took her in. That was the start of my pet cat journey, lol.

      She’s the cat in the icon by the way. And I have taken in 3 more which she’s not fond of but she tolerates them for me. She’s also really great with my daughter.

      Couldn’t have asked for a better kitty

  • March 25, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    Omg, the CozyCat Furniture Cat Tower looks really rad! I like the part with the Hammock for the cats, it would look so adorable what with the treehouse theme and vines around. 

    I’m, definitely getting this one for my cats. I can imagine the cute photos already! How tall is the tower by the way?

    • May 13, 2019 at 11:58 pm

      Hey Riaz,

      Aww, your cats are going to love that one! It is a really tall cat tree at 78″.

      That is taller than me! Which is pretty exciting because that hardly EVER happens! lol.

      I know your cats are going to enjoy it 🙂


  • March 25, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    Great article! I enjoyed your attention to the details of each part of the tree with a focus on the needs of the cat. 

    I have 2 Go Pet Kitty Mansions myself! They’ve been pretty sturdy and reliable. 

    The one I’ve had for 6 years now. End up having to replace the sisal rope on popular spots but overall durable. 

    But my girls are 10 lbs….if I had a large cat I think Id want the Cat Tree King! I really like the darker color – thanks for showing that option! 🙂  

    • April 30, 2019 at 1:10 pm

      Hey Sherry!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this information. Your cats sound beautiful!

      I wish we could share pictures of our cats on here. They are so beautiful and precious and I LOVE seeing pictures of everyone’s pets.

      In regards to cats, yours are a good size for female domestic cats. You might want to consider getting thicker sisal since it keeps breaking.

      The Cat Tree King comes equipped with heavy-duty sisal and everything else. It is a sturdy tree that all cats can enjoy.

      Thanks for sharing!


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    Wow, Interesting post to read with value in it! I don’t really like cats but my visit to my cousin’s place during my last spring break gave me a little sense of love for them. They have one wonderful cat which I usually study. 

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    Most cats feel very vulnerable on the ground so it is important to give them the height they crave.

    Failing to have this great information in this article can leave us with a cat tree that will break or fall which can lead to serious accidents. Because I will like to suggest one of the list cats tree to my cousin for his cat. 

    I can categorically say that the most important quality we need to look for in our large cat’s future cat condo is sturdiness and durability, which I think Cat Tree King Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats will serve these purposes, so I do like to suggest it to my cousin. I really love this article and helpful. Thanks.

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