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The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Your Cat’s Health

The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Your Cat’s Health

The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Your Cat’s Health

As you may know, Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in your daily health but do you know that its also an essential nutrient for your cat? Joining us today to talk about Omega-3 fatty acids for cats is our friend Sara from DailyCatFood.com. Sara is a cat food expert and nutritionist who writes

How To Build Your Own Cat Tree In 3 Easy Steps

One thing that all cat owners should have for their cats is a cat tree. Whether you have one or multiple cats, ideally you want to have multiple cat trees. Of course this can be a bit challenging for many reasons. You might: have limited space find expenses add up quickly find cheap cost means

This Is By Far The Best Cat Tree For A Small Apartment

Cats need lots of space to run around and play. If they don’t get it, they could end up with a host of health problems like obesity, diabetes, etc. and turn your lovely home into a torn apart demolition zone. As cat owners, it can be very frustrating to live with cats when you only

How To Keep Your Dog Out Of Your Cat’s Food Bowl

There’s one thing that baffles me beyond measure. That is the reason dogs are so addicted to cat food. And for me, my cats also love the dog food. Why do I spend so much getting separate food for each animal when they want to eat each other’s food?? If only cats didn’t need specific

10 Best Cat Condos for Large Cats

Besides the obvious size differences, large cats are more energetic and stronger than the average cat. Some are crossbred with wild cats which make them a lot more active and curious. Regardless of their origin, though, they have a strong need to be as high as possible. In order to get them to the heights they

Humanely & Effectively Handle Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems

Bengal cats are the ‘wild’ cats of domestic cats. They’re high energy, playful large cats who aren’t easily entertained. For this reason, many behaviors that you might think of as ‘bad’ can be your Bengal’s natural instincts. So before you get too frustrated with your sweet kitty, let’s talk about some good ways to handle

10 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

The Bengal is an energetic, intelligent cat who loves the duty of being your companion. It has a sturdy, muscular body that allows it to reach some pretty interesting places in your home like chandeliers and atop stove hoods. Though this sweet cat can probably be called ‘man’s best friend’ of the cat kind, it