Humanely & Effectively Handle Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems

Humanely & Effectively Handle Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems


Bengal cats are the ‘wild’ cats of domestic cats. They’re high energy, playful large cats who aren’t easily entertained.

For this reason, many behaviors that you might think of as ‘bad’ can be your Bengal’s natural instincts. So before you get too frustrated with your sweet kitty, let’s talk about some good ways to handle serious Bengal cat behavior problems!

First, we’re going to discuss what your Bengal should be like then point out a few common reasons why she or he might be acting a little bit out of character. Then I’ll be sharing tools that you can use to, hopefully, bring some peace to your space.

Now let’s get a little or a lot more familiar with this exotic pet. 🙂

What Is The History of Bengal Cats?

Bengal cats are the result of the cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard. Records of this cross date back as far as the late 1800s but they did not begin to gain popularity until much later.

In the 1970s, Dr. Willard Centerwall of Loyola University was trying to breed cats that were immune to feline leukemia. Asian leopards have partial immunity to the disease so he began crossing them with domestic cats.

He was never able to create such a cat, however, it so happened that a breeder by the name of Jean Mill was also interested in the same cross. So instead of destroying the cats after the experiment was over, Dr. Centerwall gave the cats to Miss Mills even though they were sterile.

Miss Mills later found that it was only the males that were sterile and the females were still able to breed. Once she was able to find a male, spotted, domestic cat, she bred him with the females.

After selectively breeding the cats over the years with other breeders, the Bengal was recognized as its own breed starting in the 1980s. Its name is derived from the scientific name for the Asian leopard which is Prionailurus bengalensis.

The Bengal cat breed was further used to create another breed of cat called the Toyger which is the result of the crossing of Bengal cats and domestic shorthair cats.

Another cat breed related to the crossing with Asian leopard cats is the Egyptian Maus.

Bengal Cats Personality Traits & Temperament


If you are the average cat owner, you should make sure that your Bengal cat is at least 3 generations removed from the original Asian wildcat. This will make them more domestic and less wild. It is highly recommended that you obtain a generation 4 Bengal.

They are fairly large cats. Males can reach up to 15 lbs and females can reach up to 12 lbs.

Their bodies are very muscular, especially their hindquarters. Because of this, they are very powerful jumpers who are able to jump well over 4 feet.

They love to jump and climb over any surface they can possibly reach. Keeping them entertained is no easy feat.

Bengal cats are highly intelligent, affectionate and highly trainable. They are commonly referenced as being ‘dog-like’ because they love to play fetch, go for walks on a leash and will follow you around everywhere you go.

When raised from kittens correctly, they are both child and dog-friendly. Unlike most cats, the Bengal loves water and is a highly skilled hunter. It is recommended that you do not leave Bengals with other pets like fish, rodents or anything they might deem as prey.

Like most cats, if you want to have other cats in the house its best to start with two. This is especially important with Bengal cats because they are very territorial and will not share if they don’t have to from the start.

They also do not do well changing environments but that just means that if you do, you just have to work with them a little extra to get settled in.

Since they are very intelligent, Bengals get bored easily so if you can’t spend a lot of time with them it’s highly advisable to get two Bengals so that they can entertain each other. But you should also know that they are very smart cats and well know for getting into cabinets, drawers, high places, and stealing things that they find interesting.

They are very cunning cats. Some say even moreso than the famed Siamese cats which are pretty tricky cats.

Bengal kittens are also known to be very destructive. In general, Bengals are for experienced cat owners and should only be acquired from responsible, registered breeders since the way they are raised is very important to their success as house cats.

List of the Bengal Cats Personality Traits & Temperament

  • affectionate
  • energetic
  • highly intelligent and capable of solving complex puzzles
  • highly trainable
  • social and very vocal
  • good with dogs and kids if exposed to them early as kittens
  • loves the water
  • athletic
  • loyal
  • muscular build
  • playful

Causes of Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems

Now that you know more about the Bengal cat you can see how some behaviors can easily be mistaken for ‘bad’ behaviors but are just part of this breed’s natural being. For instance, maybe your Bengal might keep jumping on your TV stand and knock things over or get into your kitchen cabinets.

In these cases, your cat is being itself. At the same time though, you probably don’t want him/her in your kitchen cabinets or they may have broken something really valuable so its no consultation to leave it there.

Before we come up with a solution, let’s discuss their bad behavior in more details.

Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems Due To Illness

Whenever your pet is acting out of character, the first place to look is their health. Just like you don’t feel yourself when you’re sick, neither will they.

If you suspect that your cat is sick, injured or in some sort of discomfort, take him/her to see your vet right away.

Some signs of illness may be:

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of activity
  • increase in aggression
  • hiding out more often than usual
  • making painful noises
  • labored breathing
  • mucus in eyes and/or nose
  • bloody stools
  • changes in mood
  • increased urination
  • struggling to urinate
  • etc.

Although Bengals are known to be healthy cats, there are some diseases that they commonly contract that you should be aware of. Make sure to mention them when you go to their vet appointment because some require extensive testing to diagnose and only the vet is able to do that.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a condition that creates the abnormal thickening of the muscles of the heart’s walls. It is known as the ‘silent killer’ because it is so hard to detect.

It is genetically inherited but can go generations without showing due to its ability to be both a dominant and recessive trait.

If your cat has this disease, it is usually detected during auscultation of a physical exam. It can only be diagnosed with radiographs or an echocardiogram.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Cataracts

Since both of these conditions are inherited, you can decrease your cat’s chances of developing them by verifying the breeder you got them from screened their parents for them.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is the degeneration of your cat’s photoreceptors in their eyes. Cataracts are the clouding of the eyes which you can detect visually.

Both conditions can lead to impaired vision and blindness.

Anesthetic Allergies

Anesthetic agents are drugs used to relax the body and reduce pain. They are commonly used during and after surgeries.

If your cat has this allergy you can find specialized locations equipped to perform surgeries on your cat.

Luxating Patellas

The patella is another word for the ball part of the knee. What happens in this condition is that the knee ball is dislocated.

This can cause your cat to struggle with walking and may lead to other conditions like degenerative arthritis.

Kidney Disease and Renal Failure

As a species, cats are prone to kidney issues especially as they age. The risk of issues developing is increased if your cat has already had stones or another type of kidney infection.

A sign that your cat might be having kidney issues is if you notice an increase in urination.

Problems with their Skin and Coat

Psychogenic alopecia is a condition where the cat overgrooms itself. It is usually associated with some sort of stressor like boredom, change of environment, etc.

Hair loss can occur with this condition as a result of allergies to fleas, food, their environment, etc.

Again, if you suspect that your cat is struggling in any way, take him/her to the vet.

Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems Due To Boredom

cat_climbing_structures_serious_bengal_cat_behavior_problemsSince Bengal cats are very intelligent, they need to have toys that keep their brain engaged or they will tire from it easily. Of course, even if it is a difficult puzzle, your Bengal will likely still get tired of it at some point.

This cat is very hard to keep entertained and will constantly look for new activities. They also have a strong need to climb.

If you can not provide them with both, they will tear your house down to find it. Bored cats can also be quite destructive, aggressive and/or on edge because they are unable to release their energy.

Boredom can also lead to psychological problems like anxiety, depression, psychogenic alpenacia, etc.

Bad Behavior Associated with Territory Struggles

Bengal cats are highly territorial, especially if they were originally by themselves. It is recommended that if you plan on having more cats in your home with your Bengal that you get two right off the bat.

This goes for both males and females whether they are fixed or not. Of course, decreased testosterone will make a male cat less aggressive but cats will always have a territory for hunting reasons.

Your Cat Is Bad Because It Can’t Engage In Nature

In general, cats have a strong need to be outdoors. For Bengal cats, this need is even more heightened.

It wants to be outdoors engaging with nature. By this I mean s/he wants to:

  • be in the fresh air
  • soak up the sun
  • sniff around
  • hunt (of course you’re not going to actually let it though)
  • roam (around your yard)
  • and get into just about anything it can sink its paws into

Be aware though, that you can NOT let your Bengal cat free roam. It is very dangerous for the cat but the environment as well.

I’ll be talking about solutions soon so please keep reading. I don’t want to get off topic 🙂

Unexpected Changes Bring About Unexpected Behaviors

The Bengal cat does not do well to change. For this reason, if you move homes or have a baby or some other change happens in your household, it would be wise to take some extra time to help your Bengal adjust.

You can imagine how changes you don’t like make you feel.

  • irritable
  • lonely
  • scared
  • longing
  • etc.

Your Bengal is feeling a lot of these too and probably even more that it can’t verbally explain even though it might try.

Being Raised By Irresponsible or Inexperienced Breeders


A lot of times when people get things wrong about pet care, others turn into crazy, bashing machines. If your cat was raised incorrectly, please don’t auto-bash the breeder.

S/He may be irresponsible but they may also be inexperienced. In reality, everyone has to start somewhere and at some point every breeder was inexperienced.

That being said, there are a couple of things your Bengal needed to learn as a kitten in order to be able to fit into the domestic lifestyle. Some of these things are:

  • bite inhibition and that hands are not toys
  • being adjusted to children
  • being adjusted to dogs
  • resisting the urge to hunt in your fish tank or bird aviary
  • proper interaction with people

If your cat has not learned these important skills, his or her ‘bad’ behavior may be very difficult to reverse.

Solutions for Serious Bengal Cat Behavior Problems

I think the easiest one of the list to find an immediate plan of action for is an illness. I also should have added injury to the section.

If you suspect anything is ailing your Bengal’s health and physical well-being in any way, take him/her to the vet immediately. They will also be able to refer you to specialists if need be including those for certain body conditions but also for behavioral help.

Giving up your cat or any pet is never an option in my book. Ever.

Boredom & Territory

Though these two issues are very different, their solutions are pretty similar. So I’m combining to spare you from having to read the same thing twice, lol.

The good thing about cats is that their territory can be expended horizontally. This works two-fold with Bengal cats because it also gives them a better place to stretch their limbs than atop your cabinets and high appliances.

cat_climbing_structures_bengal_cats_treeTo do this, all you need to do is get a bunch of DIFFERENT cat trees and furniture in your home. The important part here is that you get the good ones.

Yes, you’re going to have to spend some money but it will be money well spent. You will also need to use a combination of wall-mounted and free-standing cat trees.

If you have to choose one, go with wall-mounted cat trees. They will give your cat everything it can get from a free-standing one and you can get the highest with them.

If you are looking for good recommendations for the best cat trees for Bengal cats, click the button below for more info.

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But of course, since we are talking about the craftiest cat breed, we’re going to need some additional help. The next thing you will need to build up is toys.

Like the cat furniture, not just any toys will do either. You will need sturdy cat toys that are puzzles or have some element of figuring out how to use them.

They may even prefer children’s toys as opposed to cat toys. You know the ones where you have to pull out the right shapes or something like that.

Another good toy for them is treat toys that make them think about how to get the treat out. Just be sure to secure the opening mechanism so they don’t cheat!

Helping Your Cat To Adjust to Knew Changes

Its always tough to adjust to changes in your home. If you’re expecting a new child or pet, try to get your Bengal cat used to whichever before their actual arrival.

You can do this by getting a crying doll baby or barking dog toy.

If you are moving to a new location, try to get your cat used to the new area first. Even if it is far away, get your Bengal used to some of the smells and sites that it might encounter.

For instance, if you’re moving close to a beach, get your Bengal used to the salt water smell. If you are moving to an apartment, get it used to indoor plants and take it for walks.

If your cat becomes too stressed, try some kitty aromatherapy. You can find tons of information by doing a quick Google search.

If all else fails, try to seek assistance from a cat behaviorist in your area. They will be best equipped to advise you on what your next steps may be.

The most important part is understanding your cat’s situation. You will probably have your own feelings too and that’s ok. Realize that your cat will as well.

Giving Your Cat Room To Engage With Nature

cat_climbing_structures_best_cat_trees_for_bengal_catEngaging with nature is an important part of cat culture. That’s why the spend a lot of time near windows and might even howl the door down to be let outside (which you should not do without supervision).

The good thing about Bengals is that they will follow you. They will also walk on a leash.

Take some time out of your day to take your Bengal cat outside. Do not let him/her go outside alone if you really don’t have time.

Summer is a little easier than winter because the days are longer. If you really can’t spend the time taking him/her outside, try getting an outdoor cat enclosure installed on your home.

Make sure that the screen part is cat-proof. You can have these custom made too and bigger is better when it comes to Bengal cats.

If you’re looking for more info on outdoor cat enclosures, click the button below.

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That’s all I have for you on this subject. I hope that you have found it informative and helpful. If you have your own tips, please feel free to share them.

And of course, if you have any questions, please also ask them in the comments box below.

The important thing here is to be open to your Bengal cat’s personality and traits. It is a high energy, wild child that loves to play.

When you feed his/her instincts, you will create a more stable environment within your home. So to recap:

  • First of all, make sure nothing is ailing your cat by getting him/her/them examined at the vet and cat behaviorist experienced with Bengal cats.
  • Then in addition to their recommendations, install a variety of good cat trees for Bengal cats. Wall-mounted cat trees are a must with Bengal cats.
  • Next add some TLC to your Bengal’s life. Give it some space of its own (like cat trees) and take it outside for parts of the day.

Your Bengal cat is likely not a bad cat at all. With a little patience and work, I’m sure you can get some control over your home.

Click the button below to read more about the best cat trees for Bengals and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

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10 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

10 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

The Bengal is an energetic, intelligent cat who loves the duty of being your companion. It has a sturdy, muscular body that allows it to reach some pretty interesting places in your home like chandeliers and atop stove hoods.

Though this sweet cat can probably be called ‘man’s best friend’ of the cat kind, it needs to be able to have plenty of space to climb and play or you’ll never see the best of this breed. So I’ve taken my weekend to hand-select the best cat trees for Bengal cats to save you some time and energy. 🙂

On each cat tree breakdown, I will explain why your Bengal cat will love the tree as well as include additional information you need to know about choosing the right cat furniture for him/her.

This list is in descending order which means that my #1 recommendation is #10. I’m not sure how to do a countdown in HTML but I’ll be creating a video for better clarity at some point.

All this to say, you’re gonna have to read through all 10 to see the #1 cat tree for your Bengal.

Before you continue, I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to get the best tips and projects to create a safe, healthy environment for your cat that will keep all members safe and happy!

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Cat Climbing Structure’s 10 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

  1. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, 72 in
  2. New Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree
  3. Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Tree Condo House Furniture
  4. Armarkat Jungle Gym Cat Condo Scratcher
  5. Prestige Cat Trees’ Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Tree
  6. CozyCatFurniture XL Climbing Cat Tree
  7. CatTreeKing Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats, 72 in.
  8. CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tower Tree Activity Center
  9. New Cat Condos Premiere 7′ Tall Cat Playground
  10. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace

10 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats Unboxed

10. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, 72 in


Your curious Bengal cat will have fun dashing about this tree. The ropes and hanging toys make it interactive so s/he will be able to really engage with their instincts.

The large platforms are made for jumping, playing and climbing. They also make big landing areas for your cat on it’s way down the tree.

The Armarkat brand is great if you’re on a budget and looking for a fairly sturdy cat tree which is an essential feature for your cat’s needs. Of course, there are better options out there so don’t settle for second best just yet.

Here’s the breakdown of the Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, 72 in:

Size (L x W x H): 53 in (134.62 cm) x 22 in (55.88 cm) x 72 in (182.88 cm)

Levels: 3 levels

Towers: 2 towers

Condos: 1 condos

Toys Included: Yes, ball, rope

Structure Material: Pressed wood

Covering Material: Faux Fur

Type of Cats This Is For: Tree dwelling cats only.

Scratching Post Material: Sisal rope

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included

Warranty: 6-month warranty on everything except toys. The manufacturer will replace any part of the tree for free within 6 months or for a small fee after 6 months.

Rank: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 2,564 customer reviews

What People Are Saying on Amazon:

LOVE it! Complements from everyone who comes over! Most of all, my cat lives on it!!!! No more hanging out on my furniture and getting for all over the place.

I wasn’t sure he would like all the levels, but he really does. He uses different parts of it depending on the time of day or what he wants to play.

He’s a Bengal cat, so he’s fast jump high and is wickedly hard on the cat tree. It’s held up every step of the way! It was a chunk of change, but worth it! I spent hours researching all the different kitty condos and cat tree houses. So glad I went with this one!!! – CD


I like this brand because I had one previously for over 8 years and I thought it was time to get a brand new clean replacement. This model is sturdy as well.

I have bengals that play hard on it and it doesn’t shake much at all..Good Price on here too! – A. Nappi



9. New Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree


Usually I am not an advocate for tower styled cat trees but in this case, I am. Bengals love to jet straight up high poles.

As a matter of fact, they can scale to heights 3 times its length in a matter of seconds! Of course, you know this already but its no easy feat.

This tree has two, long, 72 in (6 ft.) poles for your cat(s) to do just that. The intricate way the curved beds alternate will also help it to engage its mind and natural intelligence as it runs over them.

This tree won’t budge either. Its made of solid wood and top notch, eco-friendly materials.

Another benefit for you is that you won’t have to assemble anything as it comes fully put together. It is made right here in the USA so the only problem you may have is how to fit it in the door, haha! 🙂

Here’s the breakdown of the New Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree:

Size (L x W x H): 20 in (51 cm) x 20 in (51 cm) x 72 in (183 cm)

Colors: Beige, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray

Levels: 5 levels

Towers: 1 tower

Condos: 0 condos but 1 bed at the top

Structure Material: Solid wood similar to what our homes are built with

Covering Material: Household carpet

Type of Cats This Is For: Adult cats except for cave-dwelling cats (cats that like to be hidden more than most)

Scratching Post Material: Unoiled sisal rope

Assembly Details: no assembly required. Handbuilt in the USA & comes assembled.

Warranty: TBD

Rank: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 110 customer reviews

What People Are Saying on Amazon:

Who this thing is HUGE. No cat, or human, is going to topple that thing over.

Takes up a lot of space, but works great for multiple large cats, also the carpet cleans up easily when there is a mess. – Meg


Excellent quality overall especially for the price. Very sturdy, nice and tall, and does not take up much room with its small footprint.

Has no silly or unnecessary embellishments. Our large male cat climbs the exterior posts of the whole tree at high speed and the unit stays put.



8. Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Tree Condo House Furniture


Since Bengals are highly intelligent cats and need puzzles and other mind-engaging activities in addition to cat trees, this one by Go Pet Club is an amazing choice! You can see how it has tunnels, stairs, houses and toys that work together to make very intricate pathways.

And at 87+ inches, this tree is sure to get your Bengal to the heights it craves to be.

The only thing about Go Pet Club trees is that they aren’t the sturdiest of trees. Though this one doesn’t seem to have that problem, if it does, the wobbling can be worked around by fastening it to a wall with angle brackets.

Just be sure that you’re not drilling into a wall that has live wires running through it. Might be better to hire a professional to do it if you’re not handy in this area.

Here’s the breakdown of the Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Tree Condo House Furniture:

Size (L x W x H): 42 in (106.68 cm) x 23.5 in (59.69 cm) x 87.5 in (222.25 cm)

Levels: 4 levels

Towers: 2 towers

Condos: 5 condo

Ramps: 1 ramp, 1 swing

Toys Included: Yes, balls, ropes

Structure Material: Pressed wood

Covering Material: Faux Fur

Type of Cats This Is For: Tree and bush dwelling adult cats and kittens

Scratching Post Material: Sisal rope

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included, parts are not labeled so it will take some figuring to put together

Warranty: TBD

Rank: 4 out of 5 stars, 4,148 customer reviews

What People Are Saying on Amazon:

My cats love this! Worth every penny.

Sturdy construction and very easy to follow instructions for assembly. My cats are large, and it does not wobble when all of them are on it at the same time. Highly recommend. – Amazon Customer


Worth Every Cent. We have five cats that live outdoors.

This Cat Tree House is super sturdy. It is also very heavy.

With five full grown large cats, this is the right choice. I purchased a cheaper one and regretted it. Glad I found this one. – Carrie C. Mustin



7. Armarkat Jungle Gym Cat Condo Scratcher


Go Pet Club has a cat tree that looks just like this one…don’t get it. This tree is much more sturdy and will stand up to your Bengal’s high-velocity play and added weight.

This one also has beautiful pathways that your cat can dash up on. It also comes with toys to engage its mind so that s/he won’t become bored.

You cat will also enjoy how the back poles go straight up. It can shimmy over them like Bengal cats love to do.

Here’s the breakdown of the Armarkat Jungle Gym Cat Condo Scratcher:

Size (L x W x H): 50 in (127 cm) x 26 in (67 cm) x 74 in (188 cm)

Colors: Beige

Levels: 3.5

Towers: 3

Condos: 2

Ramps: 2

Toys Included: Yes

Structure Material: Wood

Covering Material: Faux fur

Type of Cats This Is For: All cats and kittens

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included

Warranty: not specified

Rank: 4.5 out of 5 stars

What people are saying on Amazon:

This is our 3rd large cat condo. It is smaller than the first 2 that we bought.

We particularly like the 2nd large condo that we bought, which was made by Armarkat, so when we wanted to buy our 3rd one, we looked for this brand. Assembly was not painful and within half an hour the condo was put together. …

The condo is nice and sturdy, with the enclosures and resting platforms large enough for our large cats. – Bargain Hunter



6. Prestige Cat Trees’ Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Tree


Do you see what I see? I hope so or maybe you should ask your Bengal kitty to show you instead 😉

Two tall, uninterrupted poles. That’s like a Bengal’s dream!

And this tree is built of solid wood so you know it’s not going anywhere as it does so. This is the shortest tree on this list falling just under 6 ft BUT that is still plenty of height for you Bengal to enjoy.

The materials are high quality and pet-friendly so you know your cat and household will be safe.

Here’s the breakdown of the Prestige Cat Trees’ Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Tree:

Size (L x W x H): 23 in (59 cm) x 23 in (59 cm) x 71 in (180 cm)

Colors: Neutral colors like Grey, Beige, Taupe

Levels: 5 levels

Towers: 3 towers

Condos: 0 condo

Toys Included: No

Structure Material: Solid wood

Covering Material: Extremely plush, household grade carpet

Type of Cats This Is For: Tree-dwelling, adult cats only.

Scratching Post Material: Unoiled sisal rope

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included

Warranty: Not specified.

Rank: 5 out of 5 stars, 1 customer reviews

What People Are Saying on Amazon:

Very well made. the cats loved it. – Pamela



5. CozyCatFurniture XL Climbing Cat Tree


This tree is meant to go in a corner which means it is great for a free corner in your room that you don’t have anything. It is also a good choice if you lived in a small living space like an apartment or small house.

This cat tree gives your Bengal cat lots of different options to lay from hammocks to large condos.

It comes with rope and toys for your cat to play with while it does its thing although you might want to add something more challenging since Bengals are super smart!

There are tons of areas for your cat to scratch on both horizontally and vertically. If you’re looking to save even more space, you could try a wall-mounted cat tree which is coming up in a little bit.

Here’s the breakdown of the CozyCatFurniture XL Climbing Cat Tree:

Size (L x W x H): 25 in (63.5 cm) x 25 in (63.5 cm) x 73 in (186 cm)

Colors: beige, mocha

Levels: 4

Towers: 3

Condos: 2

Ramps: 0

Toys Included: Yes

Structure Material: Wood

Covering Material Soft Plush

Type of Cats This Is For: Healthy adult cats. May not be suitable for older cats especially if they have mobility issues.

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included

Warranty: not specified

Rank: 4 out of 5 stars


4. CatTreeKing Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats, 72 in.


When it comes to the best cat trees for large cats, Cat Tree Kings is the best there is. Their beds are massive and comfortable.

The material is soft plush and the tree is built of solid wood. Your Bengal will love leaping from pillar to post on this beautiful piece of furniture made for him!

There is also plenty of room for more cats even if you have multiple Bengals, other large cats or whatever combination of cats you have with an impressive weight limit of 143 lbs!

Here’s the breakdown of the CatTreeKing Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats, 72 in:

Size (L x W x H): 47 in (119.38 cm) x 24 in (60.96 cm) x 72 in (182.88 cm)

Levels: 5 levels

Towers: 5 towers

Condos: 1 condo, 2 hammocks, 1 bed

Toys Included: No

Structure Material: Extra-strength ABS

Covering Material: Heavy-duty plush carpet

Type of Cats This Is For: Suitable for All adult cats of all sizes.

Scratching Post Material: Sisal rope

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included

Warranty: TBD

Rank: 5 out of 5 stars, 6 customer reviews

What People Are Saying on Amazon:

These are reviews by large cat owners:

This is the best cat tree design I’ve ever seen. It is so well made super sturdy and my bengals love it. I will be replacing all of my scratchers with ones from Cattreeking. Thank you – Stacey Conway


The cats are in love !! The only Cat tree I have ever had that they can jump on and it doesn’t wobble! Very sturdy and they love all the climbing obstacles.

Definitely recommend to any cat loving family’s that want to invest in something that will last. – Joella White


3. CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tower Tree Activity Center


Bengals are natural jungle cats. They long to be one with nature, prowling atop the mighty trees of the forest.

This tree gives your Bengal cat EXACTLY that with the same sturdy, well-built structure you can expect from Cozy Cat Furniture.

The design of this is also one of a kind and awesome. It has stairs for older cats and kittens to access when needed and your inner-circle will love how it has this ancient Mayan temple/tomb feel going on with it.

It really reminds me of the setting in that movie…umm..(one sec while I boggle some people’s memory banks since mine is failing atm and Google search for it)…Ah! Congo!

Ok, maybe it’s in Africa but the feel is the same. You get the picture 😉

Here is the breakdown of the CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tower Tree Activity Center:

Size (L x W x H): 46 in (117 cm) x 25 in (64 cm) x 78 in (199 cm)

Colors: Green & Brown, Blue & Beige

Levels: 4

Towers: 2

Condos: 2

Ramps: 1 set of stairs

Toys Included: Yes, ball

Structure Material: wood

Covering Material: soft plush

Type of Cats This Is For: All cats and kittens but be careful with kittens on the higher levels

Assembly Details: easy assembly, manual included

Warranty: not specified

Rank: 4 out of 5 stars

What others are saying on Amazon:



2. New Cat Condos Premiere 7′ Tall Cat Playground


Did you read right? haha! Yes, you read right.

This tree is a 7 footer! Its the tallest cat tree in this list and one of the most unique pieces of cat furniture around.

Your Bengal cat won’t have to use the chandeliers anymore with this tree. It has lots of towers or tower-like areas to quickly shimmy up and hold on to view its surroundings.

You will get plenty of compliments with this tree that is inspired by Asian temples secluded high atop mountains in the clouds. The only place higher than the treetops so you know your Bengal will enjoy this unit!

Here’s the breakdown of the New Cat Condos Premiere 7′ Tall Cat Playground:

Size (L x W x H): 40 in (102 cm) x 48 in (122 cm) x 84 in (213.5 cm)

Levels: 4

Towers: 1

Condos: 1

Ramps: 0

Toys Included: No

Structure Material: solid wood

Covering Material: plush household grade carpet and unoiled sisal rope

Type of Cats This Is For: All adult cats including large breeds and overweight cats

Assembly Details: no assembly required. Comes fully assembled and is made in the United States! 😀

Warranty: not specified

Rank: 5 out of 5 stars

What people are saying:

I have a very happy [big] cat. Be prepared for 2 things.

It is tuff to get in the door and the delivery people where ill-prepared to deliver it into the house, they left it on the front porch. – Carrin


This is the BEST cat tree-ever! I had SIX kitties playing on it all at once!

It is gigantic, well-constructed and looks wonderful! The “movers” skillfully brought it right into the house for me!

LOVE IT!!!!!! – Micro



1. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace


While I was tempted too put this one at the end, I decided not to because I don’t want you to get bored of reading and miss this awesome opportunity for your Bengal cat.

Out of all the cat trees available, the best cat trees for Bengal cats is by far wall-mounted cat trees. Now I know that having something on your wall might not seem too appealing and/or secure but level with me for a moment.

Your Bengal wants to be up as high as s/he can. Using big clunky trees can sometimes take up a lot of space that you might not have especially in smaller rooms like bedrooms…unless you’re a millionaire with a million dollar house…and you might be…

But seriously, you can really engage your cat’s instincts with a wall-mounted cat tree. They also would prefer to be on the outermost walls of any room in order to get the best vantage points.

I’ve done a full review on this already which you can read by clicking here. Or you can read more info on Amazon because they have several other models as well.

Here’s the breakdown of the CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace:

Size (L x W x H): varies because you can customize it to be the way you want.

Colors: Onyx & Natural, English Chestnut & Natural, Onyx & Black, English Chestnut & Black, Unfinished & Black, Unfinished & Natural

Levels: many/varies

Towers: N/A

Condos: 0 condos but they do have a cat bed that you can buy seperately from their website along with other interesting add-ons. Click here to learn more.

Ramps: Depends how you customize it. You can create a ramp if you wanted to.

Toys Included: No

Structure Material: Floating solid wood planks

Covering Material: Canvas fabric

Type of Cats This Is For: All adult cats

Scratching Post Material: Sisal

Assembly Details: assembly might be a little challenging but they have a great instruction manual that anyone can understand.

Warranty: not specified

Rank: 5 out of 5 stars, 6 reviews

What People Are Saying on Amazon:

This looks really cool on my wall. I bought a few extra pieces and re-arrange some things to fit it the way I wanted on the wall and its great. Cats love it!

They chase each other over the top of it all the time. I’ve added plants (not in picture) and it looks fantastic! It was easy to install but took a while since there were so many pieces.

I will probably add more throughout the house over time.- Paul


We bought this and then changed our mind about where to mount. We ended up splitting it up into smaller sections. I like that it’s modular and you have a lot of freedom with how to mount it. – Clint



Didn’t Find Your Bengal Cat’s FurrEver Tree?

If you’re just reading the full article before you make your decision, I totally encourage you to continue to do so! But if you’ve reached this point because you haven’t found a cat tree that you like, I have some more you might be interested in.

A while back, we did a similar list like this titled ‘The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats‘. This post includes sturdy cat trees that are made of solid wood.

So I thought this article would be helpful to you on your search as well. You can click on the button below to get started and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments box of any post on this site 🙂

Click here to see the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats!

Why Your Bengal Cat Needs a Cat Tree

As the video points out, Bengals are strong, energetic cats that love to run and jump around. They are notorious for climbing all over any and everything that they can.

Bengals want to be as high as they possibly can, no two buts about it. They are extremely intelligent and can open cupboard doors as well as figure out complex puzzles.

It is important that you provide your Bengal with more than one cat tree. This way, s/he will have safe places to perch and play rather than knocking over your valuables or potentially burning your house down.

In addition to cat trees, you can take your Bengal out for walks. It seems as though they are really easy to leash train and they do seem more dog-like than a cat in a lot of ways.

How To Afford Your Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

Some people have the money to buy these trees and some people don’t. Where ever you fall, it is fine.

This section is for you if you don’t have the money upfront to pay for one of these cat trees. The WORST thing you can do is settle for a cheap cat tree.

They definitely won’t work for these wild cats and can potentially put others in your home in danger as well if they fall or a shard of wood breaks off, etc. Trust me, its not a nice feeling to have a piece of wood stuck in your toe and its not the easiest thing to prove either because your blood saturates the board and its hard to find.

Sorry if that’s disturbing but its true. That’s my own personal experience and it is 50 times more painful than it sounds.

I’d definitely rather you avoid that all together so please do not take it lightly. Your Bengal needs solid cat trees designed for large cats.

Save Your Coinage

Never underestimate the power of stashing your coin. You will be surprised how it adds up.

I do this so much, my three year old daughter does it too. Most people are embarrassed about coin and I fail to understand why.

On average, saving all of your coin from purchases throughout that year can net you a savings upwards of 500 $s. That’s plenty for a couple of cat trees.

Save $20 From Each Paycheck

This is another method that I think is underutilized. Its so easy to get locked into the ‘I want this now’ trend that we forget that in a couple months from now, we’re still going to be alive, hopefully.

Don’t give me no sob story about you don’t have it either. This is a bit of tough love from me but chances are that you make tons of unnecessary purchases whether ifs coffee, food, clothes, etc.

Yes. You CAN afford to put aside 20 bucks per paycheck.

After 10 paychecks, you’ll have $500! And you don’t have to limit yourself to $20, you can make it as much as you want.

Buy One Here and One There

This goes along with what I was saying about wanting things to be instant. You might be able to afford one now or after a couple paychecks, so get the one.

Then next month, not the same month, get another. Repeat this process and you will be surprised how much cat furniture you will have collected in your home.

The important part about affording cat trees if you can’t is thinking long term instead of short term. Apart from these tips, I’m sure you can probably find lots of money-saving systems and plans online if you Google them.

Don’t stop at ‘I can’t afford’. Go on to ‘what do I need to do (legally & morally) to afford’.

How To Choose the Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats


Since Bengal cats are above average weight for cats and super energetic, you will need something a little more sturdy than what you will typically find at pet stores. You definitely want a sturdy tree that is designed to handle the extra weight.

And by sturdy, I mean that you want a tree that:

  • stands firm even during high energy activity
  • keeps its balance
  • built with strong durable material like plywood, pine or high-grade pressed wood
  • built with or the ability to easily add activities and toys for your cat

Your cat tree’s support is one of the most important features as you don’t want it to fall over on your cat, children, or other family members or guests to your home. It can be very dangerous to opt for a ‘cheap cat tree’ that is unstable, poorly built and not suited for cats over 10 lbs.

If you have multiple cats, buy for the largest cat. The good thing about cats is they are natural born jumpers, so a small cat will be able to jump around on bigger, taller platforms comfortably.

But a big cat will feel cramped on a small tree. If you have really young kittens, add ramps so that they can climb up on lower sections.

How To Tell If The Cat Tree Is Stable Enough To Support Your Large Cat

  1. In order to be sure that the cat tree is stable, first of all, look at the base. You want a square base or a rectangular one that is almost square meaning that there is only a couple of inches in the difference between the length and width.
  2. Next, check out how it is stacked. You want it to pretty much be stacked over the base. If it has too much going on outside of the base, then it might be unstable. A branch outside of the base won’t be a deal breaker. Just make sure there’s not too much and an opposing one is also a plus. Notice how the trees that we recommend all follow this rule.
  3. On the same subject as stacking, make sure that there is at least a base at the bottom or middle if there is one at the top. If there is only one at the top, figure how much weight you think the bottom is. If it is bottom heavy, it will probably be ok but if it is top heavy, you might want to reconsider. If in doubt, keep searching. You have tons of options 🙂
  4. Check out the material it is made from. Plywood is preferable as it is the strongest material, however, many cat trees are not plywood. The more common choice is compressed wood but make sure it is a good quality as they’re not all made equal.

Cat Tree Materials

Cat trees are made of specific materials that most cats like. The main materials that you need to know about are ones used for the:

  1. structure
  2. covering
  3. scratching posts

Let’s talk about each individually.

Best Structural Materials for Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

All cat climbing structures are made from wood. Typically, there are three main types. They are:

  • Plywood
  • Compressed wood or MDF (medium density fiber board)
  • Particle Board

The best cat trees for large breed cats should be preferably made of plywood. Plywood is solid wood.

It is the strongest and sturdiest wood which means that the structure will be able to handle your cat’s activity, weight, etc.

Compressed wood and particle wood are sort of the same as far as makeup. They’re both made of pieces of wood like shavings, clippings, and other forms of scrap wood. The biggest difference comes with their density and binding agent.

Compressed wood is the safest. Wood pieces are ‘glued’ together with wax and lignin (you can think of it as an organic glue). Not only is it eco-friendly but it is a very strong board that is durable and creates the best structural integrity for cat trees, etc.

Particle board is held together with binding agents that contain formaldehyde resin. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen but not to worry, there are different levels of it that are used in boards.

There are two types of particle boards and depending on the type determines the level of formaldehyde used in the binding agent. The safe type of particle board is E1. It is categorized as being ‘ecologically clean’ as it contains a very very small amount.

E2, on the other hand, maybe more of concern as it contains higher levels of formaldehyde. It is illegal to use this board to build children’s furniture. The levels vary but the safest versions come from Austria or Germany.

When choosing your cat’s tree or other furniture, it is important to take into consideration the type of board it is made up of. If it is made up of E2 particle board keep in mind that not only your cat is exposed to the formaldehyde but you and your household will be as well.

If you cannot get a tree that is made of plywood, compressed wood which is also called engineered wood or MDF, is a close second. If the structure is made of particle board, make sure that is E1 (sometimes called E0).

Best Covering Materials for Cat Trees for Bengal Cats


Cats are hunters so it makes sense that they will like materials that feel like the prey they are driven to hunt. This can be hard to think of your furry friend but his/her instinct is to catch and hold other animals.

Let’s dissect this a bit. Cats like to hunt small animals like birds and rodents. If you think about what covers these animals, in a general sense, they are soft and plush.

That is the same feel your cat’s tree or other climbing structures should have, especially in the areas where they sleep and play. Of course, this excludes the scratching post which we will discuss in a little bit.

Covering a cat tree with real animal fur would be expensive and controversial to some so most of them are covered in faux (fancy word for fake) fur materials.

Popular covering materials include:

  • faux fur
  • faux fleece
  • plush
  • carpet

There is such a thing as faux leather, however, I don’t think this would be a good choice for an entire structure. If you are looking at a structure and it has a small section or attachment with faux leather, that might be pretty nice for your cat.

Best Scratching Materials for Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

Much like every other part of the cat tree, condo, etc. the scratching posts need to be able to stand up to heavy activity.  Scratching is a natural cat behavior.

Common materials used to compose scratching posts or boards are:

  • Sisal rope
  • Sisal carpet
  • Natural cardboard

Sisal is a natural plant fiber that can be spun into rope or made into carpet fibers. It is generally sturdier than natural cardboard but not necessarily favored over natural cardboard.

Since sisal is a stronger material and cat trees are built to last a long time (hopefully), it tends to be the material of choice for the attached scratching posts. You will usually find it wrapped around all or most posts of cat tree condos.

Since most of these posts are vertical, it is recommended to still purchase flat or angled scratching posts as cats enjoy scratching in different positions. This will save your furniture from being their scratching post for good!

Comparison Guide to the Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

Here is a recap of the trees we’ve selected for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cat Tree NameMeasurementsFeaturesPriceAmazon's Rank
10. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, 72 in53 in (134.62 cm) x 22 in (55.88 cm) x 72 in (182.88 cm)3 levels, 2 towers, 1 condo, toys, pressed wood, sisal rope$ - $$4.5 out of 5
9. New Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree20 in (51 cm) x 20 in (51 cm) x 72 in (183 cm)5 levels, 1 towers, 1 bed at the top, household grade carpet, scratching posts$$4.5 out of 5
8. Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Tree Condo House Furniture42 in (106.68 cm) x 23.5 in (59.69 cm) x 87.5 in (222.25 cm)4 levels, 2 towers, 5 condos, scratching posts, pressed wood, faux fur$$$4.5 out of 5
7. Armarkat Jungle Gym Cat Condo Scratcher50 in (127 cm) x 26 in (67 cm) x 74 in (188 cm)3.5 levels, 3 towers, 2 condo, 2 ramps, scratching posts, faux fur$4.5 out of 5
6. Prestige Cat Trees' Neutral Staggered Cat Tower Cat Treee23 in (59 cm) x 23 in (59 cm) x 71 in (180 cm)5 levels, 3 towers, solid wood, plush carpet covering, sisal scratching post, $$$5 out of 5
5. CozyCatFurniture XL Climbing Cat Tree25 in (63.5 cm) x 25 in (63.5 cm) x 73 in (186 cm)4 levels, 3 towers, 2 condos, solid wood, soft plush carpet, scratching posts$4 out of 5
4. CatTreeKing Empire Cat Tree for Large Cats, 72 in.47 in (119.38 cm) x 24 in (60.96 cm) x 72 in (182.88 cm)5 levels, 5 towers, 1 condo, 2 hammocks, 1 bed, scratching posts, solid wood, plush household grade carpet and unoiled sisal rope$$$5 out of 5
3. CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tower Tree Activity Center46 in (117 cm) x 25 in (64 cm) x 78 in (199 cm)4 levels, 2 towers, 2 condos, 1 set of stairs, scratching posts, plush covering, wood$$$N/A
2. New Cat Condos Premiere 7' Tall Cat Playground40 in (102 cm) x 48 in (122 cm) x 84 in (213.5 cm)4 levels, 1 towers, 1 condo, solid wood, plush carpet, scratching posts$$$$$5 out of 5
1. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace
varies because you can customize it to be the way you want.levels and posts vary on your customization. Solid wood and natural fabric.$$ - $$$$$5 out of 5

I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please leave them in the comments box below.

Still looking for more? Here’s our the tree of all cat trees that we recommend as the best sturdy cat trees for large cats. It will last your cat’s lifetime and won’t budge an inch even during the roughest play sessions!

Click here to learn more about the Best Sturdy Cat Tree for Large Cats!

If you have any recommendations of your own, also feel free to share them with us 🙂

See you next time!