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How To Build Your Own Cat Tree In 3 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Own Cat Tree In 3 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Own Cat Tree In 3 Easy Steps

One thing that all cat owners should have for their cats is a cat tree. Whether you have one or multiple cats, ideally you want to have multiple cat trees. Of course this can be a bit challenging for many reasons. You might: have limited space find expenses add up quickly find cheap cost means

10 Best Quality Cat Trees of 2019

Cat trees come in such a wide variety it can be hard to tell which one is best for your cat. Sadly, most are poorly made yet can still cost you an arm and a leg to buy. We don’t want you to waste your money on garbage that your cat won’t even use. So

10 Best Cat Condos for Large Cats of 2019

Besides the obvious size differences, large cats are more energetic and stronger than the average cat. Some are crossbred with wild cats which make them a lot more active and curious. Regardless of their origin, though, they have a strong need to be as high as possible. In order to get them to the heights they

10 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats

The Bengal is an energetic, intelligent cat who loves the duty of being your companion. It has a sturdy, muscular body that allows it to reach some pretty interesting places in your home like chandeliers and atop stove hoods. Though this sweet cat can probably be called ‘man’s best friend’ of the cat kind, it

10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats [Full Reviews]

Sometimes we get cats expecting them to be big like Maine coons and Bengal cats. But sometimes we get cats expecting them to be small or average sized and they turn out to grow beyond our wildest imaginations like my Genos who is a regular domestic shorthair well over 10 lbs NOT overweight (and I’m

Keep Your Kitty Safe From Cat High Rise Syndrome With This!

Its common knowledge that cats love to climb because they love heights. They are hunting machines with the skills and instincts for ultimate survival. The problem is that while they have all the tools they need to be ultimate hunters, they aren’t as efficient at using them as we think. This means that many times cats

10 Best Cat Trees Multiple Cats Go Crazy For!

I think it is safe to say the MOST cat families have more than one cat. In my family, we’ve just expanded ours by adding three kittens. Our other two are less than thrilled about it but never the less, we need to make some serious adjustments. One thing we need to get more of are cat

14 Unique Cat Trees And Towers Your Cat Can’t Live Without!

With the sudden boom of people creating their own stores on Amazon and Shopify, there are so many brands that sell cat furniture that all look the same! Its hard to really find unique cat trees and towers that make you stand out from the rest. Want Exclusive Tips and DIY Projects To Keep Your

Why Do Cats Scratch Carpet And Furniture?

You are likely familiar with your cat’s habit of scratching everything in your house. Or at least it seems that way sometimes. But if you really zero in and pay attention to your cat’s habit, you will notice that it scratches certain things at certain times and in certain ways. And there is a reason

Best Cat Climbing Structures [For ALL Cats]

In order to keep your cats off your furniture, you should be providing them with a variety of the best cat climbing structures for their personalities, sizes, and preferences. Cat climbing structures are not to be confused with cat scratching posts which are only good for your cat to scratch on. Structures are tall with