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Why Do My Cats Like To Be Up High All The Time?

Why Do My Cats Like To Be Up High All The Time?

You probably notice your cats’ favorite places to be are on top of the fridge, TV stand, desk hutches and other places that are up high. This can be quite frustrating when they are up there knocking things down because there’s really no room for them in the first place!

My cat used to jump up on the TV stand that literally had no space. Like you, I found myself baffled about why my cats like to be up high all the time even to their own discomfort.

There’s a reason for this and I hope that the following information will help you understand your cat’s weird and persistent behavior as well.

Why Do Cats Sit In High Places?

There are a couple of reasons your cat wants to be up high. The biggest and probably most commonly heard reason is their infamous call to hunt.

Another reason might be because they want to increase their territory or show superiority over the other cats in your home.

Finally, a third reason that cats seek high ground is to escape threats.

Your Cat’s Instinct To Hunt

One of the biggest driving factors for this behavior is your cat’s instinct to hunt. Of course, it’s not technically ‘hunting’ in your living area but it just has a strong need to feel like it is.

S/He wants to get a good vantage point where it can see its surroundings safely. Have you ever put up a cat tree in the center of your living room and wondered why your cat doesn’t use it too often?

Think for a minute about the placement of structures like fridges, bookcases, and TV stands. Got it?

They tend to be around the edges of the room. This is a prime setting for your cat.

By perching up high around the room’s perimeter, it can see everything without being seen itself.

Your Cat Needs Its Own Space

One of the biggest differences between cats and dogs is that cats are not cuddly. They may like a pet here and there but nothing too vigorous.

Even when they are rubbing up against your leg, you might be heartbroken to find out that they’re not being as lovey-dovey as you think. They’re actually marking you with their cat hormones.

Cats are communal animals but they are also loners especially when its time to hunt. They are very unique in this sense and it might be hard to wrap your head around.

But in lamen’s terms, just give your cat some space to be left alone. They usually choose somewhere off the ground because it is hard for others non-cat entities to reach them.

Another factor to this that I find quite interesting is that by giving your cat vertical space, you increase their territory. So in essence, you give it more room without actually adding more space to your living area.

Why Does Your Cat Sleep In High Places?cat_climbing_structures_why_do_cats_like_to_climb_to_sleep

You probably notice your cat likes to sleep up high too. This is because it feels safer off the ground where it knows most predators and threats can’t reach it.

Remember, your cat’s instincts are what drives it even though it’s technically not being ‘hunted’ in your home. So I hope that this doesn’t seem offensive to you, its just the way your cat sees the world.

And in regard to your home, it might be trying to get away from other ‘threats’ like kids, dogs, or noisy things like the vacuum cleaner and other power tools.

How To Get My Cat To Stop Jumping on The Counters and Tall Furniture?

Since your cat is driven to find heights, you have to give it an alternative location to find refuge and comfort. When it comes to countertops, there is the added lure of food even if its only tasty scraps.

In order to provide your cat with a better resting spot, you will need a few things:

  1. a cat tree
  2. food and water bowls
  3. clean counters and other eating areas

A good cat tree to use for this mission is one that is above 5 ft, preferably above 6ft like this Go Pet Club Tree.

Note: This tree is a good starter option for most cats but if you have a large cat like a Maine Coon, it won’t work.

Then once the tree is up, you will place their favorite food bowl at the highest perch and sprinkle some of its favorite treats over the other levels.

Make sure the dogs or any other pets do not eat the treats before your cat can get to them. If your cat is very territorial, or too large, you might have to get one that is bigger and better suited for multiple cats, like the Cat Tree King Tiger Cat Tree for Extra Large Cats.

Even with these two options, the best setup we recommend is using a wall-mounted cat tree like the CatastrophicCreations Multi-Level Cat Climbing Activity Center. That way, you know that only your cat can scale the different levels!

In addition, they take up the least space and look the best. You can literally go all the way up to the ceiling with these as well.

Once your cat gets used to its new area, you will notice it will jump on your countertops a lot less or even not at all! 😀

I hope that this article has helped you understand why your cat climbs all over your high furniture and appliances. With a little patience, understanding and working together, you can provide your cat with a healthier way to fill its need.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please leave them in the comments box below. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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